Elegant Mid Century Modern Home Plans


Modern inspiration is based on the period from the 1940s to the 1960s. A span of twenty years when the design was neat, elegant and functional. Although the style originated more than 70 years ago, this trend has resurfaced with a fresh revival. Retro colors and simple styles are only the beginning when it comes to the transformation of a house into a sophisticated, mid century modern home plans residence.

Elegant lines and geometric shapes are the characteristics of mid century modern home plans movement. These form the basis for the new Brizo bathroom collection. It takes advantage of a number of influences that includes a 1950 passenger plane and the tail fin car. Making it a perfect staple to launch a transformation of bathroom interior design. Furniture of this era is characterize by straight, clean lines that play to the natural beauty of the design.

The pieces as they are, without exaggerations. That even a simple way often speak louder than people with too much detail. Mid century modern home plans shows quality pieces of furniture or accessories instead of decoration on the walls. Palettes of white or neutral colors are typical on the walls. But their space comes to life with accessories, bright colors, various patterns and textures.

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Midcentury homes millenials,

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